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Friday, January 11, 2019


💫Because I respect and believe in the power of a woman, I’ve decided to honor women in 2019 and beyond on my blog page. There will be one woman “embraced” at least once per week. There will be “no biases”, and the women will be representatives of all walks of life from all over the world who contribute “positively” to family, community, city, state, country, and therefore the world. 

🌟Today’s Honoree
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It is my distinct pleasure to honor ALLISON SPRY WAYMYERS. Allison has accomplished so much in her young life.  Within her repertoire of professional positions, she’s weaved in a philanthropic path; Allison unselfishly gives of her time and resources to catapult others in the direction they aspire to be personally and professionally. Her faith in GOD and trusting HIS guidance and wisdom have sustained her strength while she pushes for a ‘Yes’ when the world sometimes is more comfortable saying No. Allison does not accept ‘No’ because she knows that all things are possible with commitment and an innovative spirit. Highly motivated, she believes that people should always pursue their endeavors and never give up. Is this the recipe for her own personal and business successes?  The answer is a resounding YES. Allison’s multiple successes have proven that. And she has no plans to take her foot off the pedal of acceleration. 

Allison showed strong leadership skills as a young child. When she was only nine, she entered the readers' contest sponsored by her school. She won 1st Place for reading the most books during summer break. Allison 'wowed' the judges with reading an impressive 300+ books, ranging from very short to long stories, within a two and one-half month period. That certainly gave insight to her tenacity and what was to come. 

Fast forward, Allison has received the below listed accolades over the years and have been hired for positions that women and men dream about.  It's a short list of all she has accomplished thus far: 1. The State's Top 20 Under 40
2. Black Expo's Top 40 Under 40
3. Worldwide Who’s Who In Business 
4. First Female Hired In A Leadership Role: Clemson Football - Coach Dabo Swinney
5. Designed An Inaugural Course: Paradigm Shift - Women Leading In Men's Sports
6. Leadership Columbia
7. National Council of Negro Women Living the Legacy Award

Allison seems to be a magnet for teaming with the best organizations. She's served in a leadership role for Clemson University's football program, a top-notch program that has won the national championship title three times.  Currently, she serves as the Director of MIB Graduate Career Education for the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. The international business school has ranked #1 in the nation for 20 consecutive years. She's also a professor at Columbia College where she instructs an inaugural course that she designed. Is there anything that she cannot do? Allison is sought after by top-rated organizations because of her reputation of having an innovative mindset, being super resourceful, strategic, and obviously result-driven, not to mention she's one of the most motivating people you'll ever cross paths with. 

Known to be razor-sharp, Allison is often asked to speak at events and company meetings. If you ever get the opportunity to hear her, you'll have an unforgettable "take-away". She's known to leave her audiences speechless and hungry for more.  Allison is also asked to be a guest on local radio talk shows. Despite her rigorous schedule, she manages to find the time to contribute to radio station program's mission. One of her statements that stands out amongst many is:  "We have so much to give of ourselves. If we don't share the gift that GOD gave us to serve others, then we'll shortchange many."

Allison is married with one child. She's a busy professional who always values quality time with her Family.  Amongst many things, she enjoys attending son's sports events, playing with him at home, and traveling. 

One of Allison's favorite, poignant quotes is: "Upgrade your reality to your vision; don't downgrade your vision to reality."  

If you want Allison to speak at an event, you may contact her via email: allisonsway14@gmail.com.

Encouraging all women to empower and celebrate one another,

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